BIDCO Oil Refineries Limited

Originally established as a manufacturing organization, Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd. was  committed to using the most efficient modern technologies to produce a wide range of products.Over time,  Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd. gained a large market share, becoming, the largest and fastest growing manufacturer of vegetable oils, fats, margarine, soaps and protein concentrates in East and Central Africa.

Date Event
1970 Garment Manufacturing Company

The current chairman and founder, Mr Bhimji Depar Shah initialy set up the company as a garment manufacturing company in Nyeri, Kenya.

1985 BIDCO shifts to soap manufacturing

BIDCO shifted to soap manufacturing in Nairobi following the liberalisation of the textile industry in Kenya.

1991 Operations moved to Thika with the opening of BIDCO Oil Refineries plant.

BIDCO now concentrated on manufacturing and marketing edible oil, fats and soaps.

1998 Acquisition of Elianto business.

Bidco acquired the business from Unga Group Ltd leading to a 400% growth exponentialy in its operations.

2001 Acquisition of Shivji and Sons Ltd in Tanzania

This was a soap manufacturing plant in Dar-es-Salaam, marking the entry of BIDCO into one of Africa’s fastest growing markets.

2010 implementation of SAP–ERP

This made the company more agile. BIDCO also launched a new product, Olive Gold Blend, in the same year.

2011 Launch odf 'Pure and Natural’ Woman

TThis marked the ompany's entry into the beauty industry by launching a beauty bar range, ‘Pure and Natural’ Woman. It was also the Gold winner of the SAP quality award in Africa in the same year.

2012 Commissioning of the Cogen Power Plant.

This plant involved the self generation of Power & Steam (Cogen) using biomass. The ‘Pure and Natural’ Soap Flakes was also launched.

2013 launch of two hygiene products

They were Pure and Natural Active Man and Power Boy ProActive Liquid Detergent. In the same year BIDCO also launched Nuru Lemon Fresh Scouring Powder.