Braeburn Schools Kenya

Braeburn Schools Limited is an international privately owned educational management company that directs Braeburn School, Braeburn High School, Braeburn College, Braeside School and High School, Braeburn Mombasa International School, Braeburn Kisumu International School. In Tanzania, Braeburn School, Arusha is run under the Tanzanian company Braeburn Schools Tanzania Limited.

Date Event
1968 Kindergarten Opened by an English woman in a house.

The house has long been demolished and was located in what now is the car park at the front of the present school. She called it Braeburn House International School which grew and over the next 10 years.

1979 The school is brought by Braeburn Limited, formed for that purpose

At the time, the school consisted of the house, classrooms, a carport, and a small playing field with eucalyptus trees at the bottom end. There were a total of seventy nine children on roll and 6teachers. The name was changed to Braeburn School.

1985 Building of the new Gatanga Road Building

Plans were being made for a new main building consisting of the theatre/assembly hall, sports hall/dining area, kitchens and offices.

1993 green field site was acquired off Muthangari Road, Lavington

his became the home of Braeside School- a school targeted at mainly Kenyan children. It opened in January 2004 with 12 children. Now it has 950. Like Gitanga Road it now can educate children throughout their school careers. Braeside’s Sixth Form Centre was opened in September 2011 thus completing the school.

2000 Braeburn bought St. Georges School in Arusha, Tanzania

The school was renamed Braeburn Arusha International School and a new primary school was built on the existing site. The school has grown and now has nearly 500 children on roll, again offering an education to children from 3 – 18 years of age.

2001 Diversification

Children going to Braeburn High School at Garden Estate were spending two to three hours a day on school buses. This wasn’t acceptable and the decision was made to move first Years Seven and Eight back to Gitanga Road and then Years Nine, Ten, and Eleven (up to IGCSE) leaving the Garden Estate compound as just a Sixth Form College. To accommodate these children the new secondary school was built. Prior to the secondary school hall being built parts of the Sports complex were used for the secondary dining and assembly purposes. Boarders from Garden Estate were housed (rather luxuriously) in the new ‘Hoteli’ that was built to house visitors to the school.

2004 Mombasa International School Takeover

In 2004 an agreement was reached between Braeburn and the owners of Mombasa International School that with effect from 1st September 2004 Braeburn would take over this school in Shanzu, north of Mombasa. The agreement was that Braeburn would own the school business and lease the existing property. Braeburn’s inability to develop the school on leased land lead to, in 2010, buying 23 acres of land in Bamburi and building a brand new school into which to move the existing children. This new school, with weekly boarding facilities, was completed and opened in September 2012.

2007 Kisumu International School takeover

n 2007 Braeburn took over Kisumu International School now Braeburn Kisumu International School. This was a small school owned and managed by parents, and at the time threatened by closure. The directors considered the school would be better off under professional management and came to Braeburn. The area and school has significant potential for the future.

2008 Podo School Takeover

In 2008 Braeburn acquired what was then the Podo School in Nanyuki. This small school was housed in rented property. 11 acres of land was bought and built a small Primary School - Braeburn Nanyuki International School, to accommodate the existing children and allow the school to grow.

2010 Sixth Form Center Opened

This attractive building next to the Sports hall now completes the school and enables children from 3 – 18 years old to begin and end their basic education in one place. The latest addition to this campus came at the end of 2013 in the form of a brand new covered, all-weather Astro Turf pitch, making Braeburn the only school able to offer such a fine sporting facility. There are still plans to continually improve the physical facilities at this Braeburn’s original home; rebuilding the primary school classroom block, a second swimming pool, a covered way and pavilions around playing fields. This on top of what’s required in the classrooms to keep up with the best practices of international education.

2010 Thika Imani School Takeover

In 2010 the directors of Imani School in Thika approached braebun with a proposal. Their school was in trouble with a falling roll and having difficulties making ends meet. The school building and the land was owned by Del-Monte Limited and the school business owned by the parents who had taken over the school management from Del-Monte some years previously. Braeburn arranged a lease from Del-Monte and took over the school. The intention being to acquire land, build new school buildings and relocate the school. 20 acres of land was acquired on Mangu Road, Thika and in September 2013 the children and teachers moved across to their brand new, modern school, the likes of which has never been seen in little old Thika. It is now the thriving, growing Braeburn Imani International School.