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22,October,2014 The new speed limit has been gazetted

NTSA has been working with all necessary road agencies to ensure they restore all road furniture and in addition to educating road users about proper road use behavior. This should help to reduce further loss of lives in our roads. NTSA has gone ahead to erect speed limit signs at designated areas and the recent speed limit has been gazetted. The Traffic Act states, "No person shall drive, or, being the owner or person in charge of a vehicle, cause or permit any other person to drive any vehicle at a speed exceeding 50 kilometers per hour on any road within the boundaries of any trading center, township, municipality or city".

22,October,2014 Speeding is the leading cause of death on Kenyan roads

Speeding has been identified as the leading cause of the deaths besides negligence from pedestrians. The NTSA has come out to work with other agencies in ensuring responsible road use. Pedestrians need to use footbridges and zebra crossing while vehicles need to observe the traffic lights. NTSA has admitted that it is necessary to use signs to indicate the boundaries of trading centers and cities, to alert drivers whenever they are approaching high population areas.

22,October,2014 NTSA enforces the new regulation despite resistance from motorists

Motorists have been warned to observe the speed limit regulations or else face heavy fines and even arrest. Most motorists who have aired their grievances on social media complain about the move, arguing that it is unrealistic and unreasonable and they do not welcomed the move. These road users claim that the new policy is not real considering new and expanded roads like the Thika Road Superhighway, which was constructed to reduce traffic and to minimize time spent on the roads. NTSA however, continues to enforce the speed limit despite the protests and this speed limit has caught several motorists unawares.

22,October,2014 Speeding increases the probability of an accident

In our view, the faster you move, the more likely you increase your chances of being involved in an accident. There are some very reckless road users using Kenyan roads and they have become a growing menace. Therefore, such individuals who use motor machines should not be allowed to move very fast because this puts a risk on their lives and the lives of other road users. One would argue that the government should have just determined good drivers by looking at their driving license and their traffic history, but this would be costly and much slower, in addition to the fact that these people can still use ‘backdoors’ to clear their names.

22,October,2014 For how long will the 50km/h limit last?

50km/h makes sense for now, though it may seem unrealistic in the near future when we expand our roads and buy machines that are more powerful. Have you ever boarded a matatu on Thika road on a weekend, when there is no traffic? The speeds are just insane. I normally hold my breath every time we use the flyovers and I have to look down and imagine all manner of things. Moreover, it is not just Thika Road: Waiyaki way, Langata, Ngong Road, and several other roads in urban areas.

22,October,2014 Now the speed limit means ‘equality’ within the urban areas, despite your machines power

Actually if you have been keen, the number of minor accidents has reduced since NTSA enforced the new policy. Previously, we could see these heavy trucks that use Mombasa road driving at 100km/h, worst being driven by reckless individuals who display utter disregard for society. The good news is that is not the case now, everyone has been ‘uniformly capped’. Come with your Subaru or Probox or whatever car you own, we sadly must remain within 50km/h because that is the only way to restore sanity on our roads.

22,October,2014 Let’s just stick to 50km/h speed limit for now

Impatient PSVs, reckless salon cars, impatient pedestrians and over speeding trucks all have been forced to stick to certain regulations to avoid further deaths. NTSA discovered their medicine, which was to limit their movement. Population increases once you approach any city or residential area hence the importance of the speed limits. Now we all agree that some sanity has to be restored on the roads for now, but I hope NTSA monitors the effects of this speeds and adjust accordingly in future. I mean, its 50 this year, but it can be a plus or minus 30 next year, it all depends on the results.